How To Play Kerala Lottery [Complete Guide]

How To Play Kerala Lottery:- If you want to know how you can play the Kerala lottery and why you need to play the Kerala lottery.

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Here in this article, I explained the right way to play the Kerala lottery and avoid fraud.

Hello, friends welcome to a fresh article on “Kerala Lottery Result Today”, Here in this article, I explained, “How To Play Kerala Lottery”.

Kerala lottery is one of the Government authorized lotteries services which is organized by Kerala Government.

The government of Kerala starts this department to create job vacancies and needful people with instant money support.

In Kerala Lottery, 365+ people will become Lakhpati and 5+ peoples become crorepati in a year with the help of the Kerala lottery.

Kerala Government is the only state in India that was successful to run the lottery without any issue because of their transparency of the lottery drawn system.

Now let’s take a look at “How to play Kerala lottery“.

How To Play Kerala Lottery?

How To Play Kerala Lottery?

There are 7 weekly lotteries, 1 monthly lottery, and 6 Buber lotteries. You can purchase any one or all of them according to your interests.

Every lottery ticket has come in different names with a unique number, the drawn date of the ticket is also mentioned on the ticket.

Playing the Kerala lottery is not an issue, anybody can easily play the Kerala lottery by purchasing a Kerala lottery ticket.

Step by step process to play Kerala Lottery:-

  • Step 1. Purchase Kerala lottery ticket.
  • Step 2. Wait for lottery drown dtae mentioned on lottery ticket.
  • Step 3. Affter drown date match the lottery ticket number with winning numbers.
  • Step 4. If your lottery ticket number match with winning ticket number your the winner.
  • Step 5. Now you can clain your prize.

If you want to play the Kerala lottery, you must purchase a physical Kerala lottery ticket from any authorized lottery agent.

Normally lottery drowns start at 3 PM on the date mentioned on the lottery ticket.

If you don’t know who is eligible to buy a Kerala Lottery ticker refer to our article “Who Can Buy Kerala Lottery? [Must Know Before Buy]

List Of Kerala Lottery Selling In Kerala.

In Kerala, there are 14 types of lotteries played in a year, 1 Monthly lottery, 7 Weekly lotteries, and 6 Bumper lotteries.

A lottery named Bhagyamithra Lottery is a monthly lottery that is drawn on the 1st Sunday of every month.

Below you can see the list of weekly and bumper lotteries.

List of Weekly Kerala Lottery.

Sl No.Kerala Weekly Lottery Ticket Name
1Win-Win Lottery
2Streesakthi Lottery
3Akshaya Lottery
4Karunya Plus Lottery
5Nirmal Lottery
6Karunya Lottery
7Pournami Lottery

This is the list of weekly lotteries run by the Kerala Government, some time Government changes the name of the lottery.

For example, the Karunya Plus lottery is priorly known as the Pratheeksha lottery.

LIst of Bumper Kerala Lotteries

Sl No. Kerala Bumper Lottery Ticket Name
1Vishu Bumper Lottery
2Pooja Bumper Lottery
3Monsoon Bumper Lottery
4Thiruvonam Bumper Lottery
5Xmas- Newyear Bumper Lottery
6Summer Bumper Lottery

All the above-provided lotteries are known as the bumper lotteries because the prize money of these lotteries is more than 1 crore.

The 1st Prize money of all bumper lotteries is changed from time to time.

For example, priorly the lottery 1st prize of the Triruvonam bumper lottery was 5 crores but now it’s 10 crores.

The Kerala government may be increase or decrease the prize money of the lottery anytime but does not need to worry about that because you will get all the details printed on lottery tickets.

I hope now you understand how to play Kerala lottery and the list of Kerala lotteries available to buy. If anyone has any suggestions or queries please comment in the comment box.

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