How To Check Original Lottery Tickets? [Everyone Must Know]

If you want to know How To Check Original Lottery Tickets?

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Here I explained how you can check and confirm the originality of Kerala lottery tickets.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article of “Kerala Lottery Result Today”, Here in this article I explained how to check Kerala lottery ticket is original or fake.

Kerala Lottery ticket has come with unique identification details and it’s printed and distributed by the Kerala government.

It’s very difficult to copy or print duplicate Kerala lottery tickets. but as a buyer, you must know how to identify genuinely of Kerala lottery ticket.

So, now let’s take a look at How To Identify Original Kerala Lottery Ticket?

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How To Check Original Lottery Tickets?

How To Check Original Lottery Tickets?

Identifying an original Kerala lottery ticket is not difficult because the Government of Kerala issues each ticket with high security.

Therefore it’s very difficult for fraudsters to create duplicate tickets.

Kerala Government issue every ticket with a unique QR code, by scanning this QR code with the official app “BHAGYA KERALAM” you can verify the Genuity of the lottery tickets.

One most important thing you need to keep in your mind, Kerala lottery tickets only come in physical form.

If someone offers you a Kerala lottery ticket in virtual form, then don’t accept it. because it’s fraud.

But some websites offer to pay and get lottery tickets on courier option.

If you are from outside Kerala then you can avail this facility to get a lottery ticket, but remember one thing always scan lottery tickets with the official app “BHAGYA KERALAM” to identify the Genuity of the lottery tickets.

If you follow the above step you can easily identify the Genuity of the Kerala lottery tickets.

I hope now you understand how to check original lottery tickets and identify genuine lottery tickets. If anyone has any suggestions or queries please comment in the comment box.

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  1. Ssm

    How to get kerela lottery tickets directly from Kerala if I reside outside kerela

  2. Rakesh

    Scan results enna na ariyampattum

    1. Gashik

      You can verify it by scanning QR code available on Kerala Lottery.

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