How To Check Kerala Lottery Result [Complete Guide]

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Here in this article, I provided all the ways you can use to check the Kerala lottery results.

Hello, friends welcome to another fresh article of “Kerala Lottery result today”, Here in this article I explained, “How To Check Kerala Lottery Result”.

Here I provided the offline and online methods to check lottery results.

All the ways I suggested in this article are reliable and you can trust the result they provide.

Some of the methods I’m going to explain in this article are followed by millions of people from the last 50+ years.

So, Now let’s take a look at “how to check Kerala lottery result”.

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How To Check Kerala Lottery Result?

How To Check Kerala Lottery Result?

Checking Kerala lottery results is not a big task, there are several online and offline methods available to check Kerala lottery results.

But here I share some trustable sources to check the Kerala lottery results.

Because if you go through any wrong sources the result may be inappropriate and you will miss the chance to win the Kerala lottery.

Therefore why I provide only trusted sources only in this article, to save you from losses and fraudsters.

So, now let’s start with the offline methods to check the Kerala lottery results.

Offline Methods To Check Kerala Lottery Results.

Offline methods are most reliable method than online methods because in the offline method once details are printed can not be changed.

Offline methods to check lottery results:-

  • Checking with lottery agent.
  • Checking In newspaper.

If possible you can visit the lottery agent office to check lottery results, lottery agent will make available the result for you.

Another option for check Kerala lottery result is newspaper, most of the Malayalam newspaper available in Kerala are publish lottery result in the newspaper.

So, you can check and verify lottery results with newspapers also.

These are useful for people living in Kerala only, now let’s take a look at the method helpful for everyone in India.

Online Methods To Check Kerala Lottery Results.

Online methods are the easiest methods for those who are involved in traveling or living outside Kerala state.

Online methods to check lottery results:-

You can follow any of the above methods to check the Kerala lottery results, which is easy to access for you.

I recommend you to go with App “Bhagya Keralam”, where you will get the option to check the lottery result by scanning the QR code mentioned on the lottery ticket.

The app is the most convenient option for those who are don’t want to waste time referring to all the published lottery numbers one by one.

Which Is The Best Lottery In Kerala?

Which Is The Best Lottery In Kerala?

There are a total of 7 weekly lotteries, 1 monthly lottery and 6 bumper lotteries are currently available to buy in Kerala.

According to my opinion, all lotteries are best to buy a lottery.

But considering ticket prizes and winning prizes Karunya and Karunya Plus lottery is the best lottery.

One most important thing to considering Karunya and Karunya plus as the best lottery is the funds collected from the Karunya lottery is used charity purpose.

You can also consider Xmas and Newyer lottery because the winning prize of this lottery is 12 crore Indian rupees.

I hope now you understand how to check Kerala lottery result and found diffrent sourses to check lottery result. If anyone has any suggestions or queries please comment in the comment box.

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